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Elements of an Effective Logo - Part 1

In our last article, we examined the elements and characteristics of ineffective logo, regardless of how "appealing" it might be. In this issue, we will evaluate two of four components of an effective logo; one that can be both aesthetically appealing and effective in every and all its uses; from a billboard to the side of a pencil to an embroidered garment.

1. Bold (Stands Out Prominently): Many times a logo will be surrounded by countless other elements that can distract one's focus from that single object. For instance, on any single page of a telephone book, there are man companies trying to capture your attention. A great logo will be bold enough to stand out and grab the attention of the reader from all of the clutter.

2. Simplistic/Suggestive: One of the most common mistakes of many logos is that people try to make it say everything that they can, in one little symbol. A logo should not attempt to describe everything that you do. It is intended to simply capture the ESSENCE of a company. A great logo can be designed so that it can be represent several concepts depending on how one chooses to look at it.

Make sure that when you have a logo designed that it isn't just "cool"....Make it WORK for you!

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