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- OsoGreen Lawns -

Type of Business:  Consumer Service
Product or Service:     Lawn Fertilization
Brand Mark Style:  Concept Mark / Word Mark
Location:       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is the second name and logo project for this client. The first was also for a lawn care business that specializes in lawn cutting and other lanscaping services. As the business grew, they decided to create a separate brand for the fertilization sector of the business.

Again, they wanted both a company name created and a new brand mark (logo). They requested a business name that sounded like a "household word" and one that was not so scientific in its 'sound'. Once we settled on Osogreen as an organization name, we knew blades of grass had to be a component. Because the name is actually several words 'smashed' together, it became obvious that a word mark was the way to go. With the grass coming out of the 'O', it is obvious that it is a lawn care company.