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Screamin Good Bakery Logo

- Screamin' Good Bakery -

Type of Business:  Food Service Retail
Product or Service:     Bakery
Brand Mark Style:  Concept Mark
Location:       Travelers Rest, SC

'...Beautiful and Artistic...'

"When we first engaged you to create our logo for Screamin' Good Bakery, our gluten free bakery in South Carolina, you quoted a price so reasonable that I thought it might not include your most diligent efforts.  Boy was I ever wrong!!

I never could have dreamt up a logo so beautiful and artistic and which presents our concept of elegant gluten free products as well as your logo has.  I'm so in love with the artwork, that I want to enlarge the logo and frame it and post it all over my walls! Not only was the drawing magnificent, but the colors!! Brown and seagreen, what a spectacular combination!  I'm so exuberant over your work that I will be boasting about you on the Retail Bakers of America Chat Room.  You just outdid yourself, and I am so thrilled. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You just kicked my bakery up a notch!!"

- Rise Myers, Baker/Owner, Screamin' Good Bakery -