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- Wake Up Nashville -

Type of Business:  Non-Profit Organization
Product or Service:     Narcolepsy Research & Support
Brand Mark Style:  Concept Mark
Location:       Nashville, Tennessee

'...Absolutely Brilliant...'

"I have used Dennis Hogan with the Vividesign Group to do multiple corporate logos over an extended period of years (Including: Rayan; Military Assistance Company; Switch4Good; All Write). Several of the logos Dennis has done for our companies have won design awards, and all of them have received positive feedback from our clients and customers.

My favorite one he did for me was for Rayan Solutions, a renewable energy consulting company. The unique designs could be interpreted in so many ways…a sun rising, a wind turbine, a watchful eye... it was absolutely brilliant! Dennis has also kept me from making rookie mistakes with logo design. For example, a good logo should look good in both color or black-and-white. I trust him, and no one else, to make logos and represent my brand going forward."

- Tabitha Scott, CEO Cole Scott Group -