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Obtaining the right logo is not as simple as reaching into your pocket and pulling out a quarter. For a powerful, meaningful and outstanding logo, it takes time, creativity, and experience from a real graphic designer. However, by looking at a large majority of logos in the marketplace today, it appears many of them were "thrown together" by amateurs.

Would you hire your gardener to perform surgery? Would you hire your plumber to fix your electricity? Would you trust your garbage collector for giving you stock tips? Of course not! So why hire your secretary to 'do' your logo. I cannot remember how many times I have heard that an organization's logo was created in-house by an amateur.

VIVIDESIGN Group is a 20-time Award Winning Logo Design firm with well over 100 successful logos completed. Over our many years, we have carefully developed a proven philosophy that improves the image of our client's businesses and ALWAYS allows the logo to be reproduced in any application.

Contact us today, so we can get started creating a powerful logo that will get you noticed!

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