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Most small businesses make a critical mistake when first forming the foundation of their organizations: they choose a company name that is limiting in various ways. An effective trademark has two distinct purposes, both of which MUST apply.

The Name Must Identify Who You Are. Most companies understand this principle quite well. Maybe too well. Many small business owners think this is all that a name is about. If they can accurately identify exactly what they do, then all will be well. With that comes names like Bob's Hamburger Stand. That says it all right, but it doesn't do so well with the second characteristic.

The Name Must Distinguish From All Others. With this characteristic, the goal is to minimize, if not completely, eliminate the possibility of confusing your organization from all others.

The company name must NEVER limit who you are now nor who you want to be or where you want to go in the future. Contact us today if you need a name for your new business or need help in creating a new name for your existing organization.


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