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'...Never Use Anyone Else...'

"Dennis Hogan has designed numerous logos, advertisements, brochures and catalogs for my businesses over the past 20+ years. Once Dennis did our first design we never used anyone else. He is very creative and always comes up with such brilliant artwork that is even better than what we had expected. Customers and even competitors of ours have complimented projects Dennis designed for us and we have referred him to others who used him for similar business projects. Not only is his creativity and final products exceptional but he also completes things on and usually before schedule deadlines.

When Dennis designs our art work used on promotional items the manufacturers always comment how wonderful his work is. It is easy doing business with Dennis as he understands the design process and he knows what the companies need for us to receive a quality proof. Dennis designed a fly fishing catalog for my previous company and customers wanted extras because they liked his cover design and inside the pages artwork. He helped us grow that business (Yager's Outfitters) over the years so that we had no problem selling it when the time came. Magazine advertisers always complimented his designs for our ads. The logo he designed for that company became so well known and our clothing and product manufacturers loved the simplicity yet power of the logo so much that some of them showcased our products in their wholesale catalogs because they loved the artwork.

For our new company (EM3 Networks) Dennis has designed several flyers that really highlight our vision and showcase his talents. The design he did for our new EM3 logo is outstanding and we get many compliments once again. Anyone who uses Dennis Hogan for creative design will be highly impressed with not only the finished product but also how professional he is and the fact that he so easily can grasp your vision and provide you with a better end product than you ever imagined. I highly recommend Dennis and would be happy to speak to anyone on his behalf."

- Timothy D. Yager, Managing Partner, EM3 Networks -

'...Absolutely Brilliant...'

"I have used Dennis Hogan with the Vividesign Group to do multiple corporate logos over an extended period of years (Including: Rayan; Military Assistance Company; Switch4Good; All Write). Several of the logos Dennis has done for our companies have won design awards, and all of them have received positive feedback from our clients and customers.

My favorite one he did for me was for Rayan Solutions, a renewable energy consulting company. The unique designs could be interpreted in so many ways…a sun rising, a wind turbine, a watchful eye... it was absolutely brilliant! Dennis has also kept me from making rookie mistakes with logo design. For example, a good logo should look good in both color or black-and-white. I trust him, and no one else, to make logos and represent my brand going forward."

- Tabitha Scott, CEO Cole Scott Group -

'...Beyond My Expectations...'

"Dennis has created several outstanding logo’s for my company over the years which have been beyond my expectations. Professional corporate simplicity and always ahead of the trend. "

- Jon Walker, Owner, From a Photo -

'...Fits Us Perfectly...'

"I just wanted to give a shout-out to the Man who designed our "Grumpy Fish" logo - Dennis Hogan of Vividesign Group. It's become so much a part of us, it's hard to remember not having it. Dennis created an award-winning design that fits us perfectly in a few short days when many others couldn't get it done in YEARS. It's simple, memorable and works well on everything! Thanks so much Dennis! If you need a logo or design look him up."

- Lorraine Haggerty, Owner, Haggerty Lures -

'...Never Ceases to Amaze Me...'

"Dennis has developed numerous logos for me and my companies. He never ceases to amaze me in how he takes an idea and turns it into the perfect logo that communicates a mission, value and service."

- Daniel London, Chief of Staff for Congressman Ron Lewis -

'...Beautiful and Artistic...'

"When we first engaged you to create our logo for Screamin' Good Bakery, our gluten free bakery in South Carolina, you quoted a price so reasonable that I thought it might not include your most diligent efforts.  Boy was I ever wrong!!

I never could have dreamt up a logo so beautiful and artistic and which presents our concept of elegant gluten free products as well as your logo has.  I'm so in love with the artwork, that I want to enlarge the logo and frame it and post it all over my walls! Not only was the drawing magnificent, but the colors!! Brown and seagreen, what a spectacular combination!  I'm so exuberant over your work that I will be boasting about you on the Retail Bakers of America Chat Room.  You just outdid yourself, and I am so thrilled. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You just kicked my bakery up a notch!!"

- Rise Myers, Baker/Owner, Screamin' Good Bakery -

'...Out of the Box Thinker..'

“Dennis is a highly creative person. His ideas are sound and many times are just what I was looking for. Dennis is cost conscious and will always find the least cost method to get a high quality job done. Over the years Dennis has done dozens of projects for me all with good to great to outstanding results. Dennis is an "Out of the Box Thinker". If you are looking for a new logo for your business Dennis is your man. However he is not limited to creating business logos. If it has to do with graphic arts, printing, advertising or any other part of building the image of your business you would be well advised to contact Dennis”

- Arnold Myers, Owner, Arnold's Coffee -

'...Attuned to Our Needs..'

“The process that Dennis went through to design our Simpak logo was very thorough and attuned to our needs. The result was a pleasant experience that produced a logo we proudly use today!”

- Michael Lyons, CEO, Simpak -

'...Your Attention to Detail..'

"Dennis, Thank you so much for the excellent work that you provided us for our new business. You listened to what we wanted and tapped into the feelings that we were hoping to project with our new logo. The design process was very smooth. We greatly appreciate your attention to detail, your creativity and your talent. Your customer service is excellent as well and the price could not be matched. Thank you again!"

- Georgia Prewett, Cats-N-Hounds, Owner -

'...Worth Every Penny..'

“It has been such a pleasure doing business with Dennis Hogan. Throughout the process of helping me create my logo he asked many in-depth questions to, not only get to know the business I was creating, but he got to know me. He realized I wasn't just looking for a mark on a paper. He created a brand for my business that I truly identify with and incorporates what I want to portray to other businesses and potential clients. I highly recommend his services if you want a professional yet personalized service. It was worth every penny that I paid.”

- Sondra Dague, Owner, Benefits Outsourcing Solutions -

'...Delivers Quality Creative Results..'

“To all my clients and friends: I've found the Creative Design firm for you! Dennis takes the time to understand your company's vision and delivers quality creative results for your corporate identity needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Dennis to anyone!”

- Steve Navratil, Owner, Accent Estate -